At Tibor we create Deep Textured luxury fabrics for modern interiors. Since pioneering this idea in 1945, our textiles have brought warmth to the world through colour and texture. Honouring the vision of Tibor Reich, our creative philosophy is driven by interpreting nature’s beauty into our original textiles. Committed to craftsmanship of the highest quality, we work only with the finest British manufactures from sheep to cloth.

“Tibor mixes textures and yarns, building surfaces like an architect who plays with light and form”.

The secret of creating a Deep Texture is the innovative use of bespoke textured yarns. At Tibor we design and spin all of our own bespoke yarns in England.

The richest wools and softest organic cottons are intricately spun to create sculptural natural shapes such as boucles and loops before being dyed and woven


We have a passion for colour. Our wools and cottons are reeled into traditional dye baths which slowly rotate, creating vibrant colours. The yarns are then twisted and blended to interpret nature's depth. Often a touch of elegant metallic yarn is twisted to introduce natures sparkle 'like a raindrop on the leaf of a tree'


"Deep texture weaving opens up the fresh possibility of bringing warmth to our visual world." - Tibor Reich.

When warp meets weft our yarns come to life. The artist’s ingenuity combined with the looms’ rhythms form sculptural Deep Textures inspired by nature. Although produced on the latest streamlined looms, our fabrics still retain the character and quality of the original hand-made textiles. After weaving, the fabric is inspected, hand trimmed and washed in the country’s softest water, in the tranquil hills of the Pennines.