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Tibor Limited (company number 5571363) : : PRIVACY & DATA POLICY
In this document (“Privacy & Data Policy”) Tibor as otherwise identified in its website, explains how Tibor uses data and handles privacy and why and how Tibor collects and uses information. Tibor also covers the choices available to you in accordance with your rights and its obligations. This document reflects policy as from 21 May 2018. “You” means anyone reading this document, who may be a client (or customer), prospective client, a business interaction party, or visitor to the website.
Tibor is a UK business providing products and services to those clients with whom it enters into contracts as such within the texile and design sectors. In referring to “Services” or Tibor’s activities we are referring to our day-to-day business in those sectors, including in meeting the needs of Tibor’s existing and prospective clients, those it communicates and interacts with for its business purpose, and the need for maintenance of books and records.
Tibor complies with requirements of privacy and confidentiality, and with applicable data protection legislation, including the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, effective 25 May 2018.
Tibor determines data management practices and safeguards according to the above stated purposes and is controller of all relevant information along with GDPR compliant data processors. Tibor’s guiding principle is only to use information fairly and for the bona fide purposes of its business doing so at all times with regard to the consent obtained from you and your instructions in relation to the use of information.
A         Information which Tibor may hold or retain A1
A1       Customer Data




For the purposes of the proper running and administration of Tibor’s business, including accounting, it may handle, including via a data processor, the following “Other Information”:











A3       Cookies
“Cookies” are small items of data sent from a website and stored locally on a user’s computer by the user’s web browser whilst the user is browsing. They may be retained if not cleared or blocked. They make “tailoring” of web-activity possible in storing reference data particular to a user. Tibor may use cookies and similar technologies to provide and support its website and Services in accordance with this Privacy and Data Policy, subject always to your rights under the GDPR.
B         How we use your information
Tibor uses your information to provide, maintain and improve the Services and in protecting, enhancing and administering its business.
B1       Customer Data
Tibor accesses and makes reasonable use of Customer Data in accordance with the terms of a customer’s consent and instructions, and applicable terms and conditions, in order to (a) provide, maintain and improve the Services, (b) address service, security, technical issues or in accordance with a customer’s request for assistance or support, or in addressing any grievance or complaint (c) comply with the law or any lawful data request or instruction and (d) to service any matter arising from Tibor’s terms and conditions from time to time in accordance with them. This Tibor does in accordance with its statutory and contractual security and confidentiality obligations.
B2       Other Information
Tibor uses Other Information for the following purposes, to:


o          Responding to your requests, if you contact Tibor with a problem, query or question, Tibor will use available information, including any you give, to respond;
o          Sending emails and messages. Tibor may send you Services and administrative emails and messages. Tibor may also contact you to inform you about changes in the Services, its Service offerings, and important notices related to the Service and the website, such as in relation to security, fraud and data breach. These emails and messages are an essential part of the Services and our mutual interests and you may not opt-out of them other than by terminating Tibor’s contract. Tibor occasionally may send emails about new product features or other news about its business. You may opt out of these at any time;




C         Your Choices
C1       Customer Data
Subject to retaining information necessary to maintain an active client account, Tibor will always respect your wishes in relation to Customer Data.  Tibor has only basic and simple records, so there is no self-management of your customer profile. You may always elect to close your account or advise Tibor by email, telephone or through the ‘CONTACT’ page as to your particular requests or instructions.
C2       Other Methods for Choice
Many browsers have functions which provide you with privacy, security and control tools, for example in relation to cookies and other aspects of data storage. Your mobile device will include a broad range of settings options for you tailor what the device and your use of it may reveal to other parties, for example, location data and notifications. These controls are not within our remit or control and are matters of your preferred use of options available to you in your particular devices operating systems and installed apps. If we offer any mobile device app, it will be subject to this Privacy & Data Policy.
C3       Other information
If you have any questions about our use of Other Information you may contact Tibor at any time with your enquiry.
D         Sharing and Disclosure
On occasion information described in this Privacy & Data Policy may be shared by Tibor.
D1       Customer Data
Tibor may share Customer Data in accordance with any agreement with any client and the client’s instructions, and this may be with third party service providers and agents.Tibor may engage third party companies or individuals to process Customer Data on its behalf. Tibor may combine with other businesses and partners in conducting business and delivering services. Tibor may for the purposes of its business and in servicing clients integrate elements into its platforms and client resources, which may include integrations added by a client or by someone else with the client’s consent.
Tibor does not assume responsibility for and has no liability in respect of the use of third parties of information which is not gathered directly from Tibor which is provided by the choice of the client or other relevant business partner.
D2       Other Information
Tibor may share Other Information in the lawful operation of its business, and for purposes of assessment and review of quality control and performance indicators and in order to resolve any issue or controversy that arises between Tibor and a client or otherwise in connection with or because of our business. Tibor may use third parties to process and analyze Other Information.
D3       Other Disclosures
Below are examples of when Tibor may otherwise disclose Customer Data and Other Information which may occur:




E         General Policies / Further information
E1       Security
Tibor takes security seriously and has appropriate and up to date systems to protect information you provide to us from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access or disclosure and ensures the same is the case with its own service providers. These systems take into account the sensitivity of the information we collect, process and store, and the current state of available technology having regard to the nature, size and scale of Tibor’s business from time to time. Details of Tibor’s prevailing security practices may be requested at any time by any party entitled to make such a request.
E2       Under-age
Tibor  will only enter into client relations with persons over the age of 18 at the relevant point of contract, unless the lawful parent/s or guardian/s with appropriate authority confirm otherwise and provide all required GDPR-compliant consents. For this reason, Tibor will neither hold nor process any information relating to such persons other than on the same basis. In the event that Tibor discovers that any account has been opened with it in breach of this policy Tibor will take appropriate steps, including in respect of safeguarding and closure of the account.
E3       Changes to this Privacy & Data Policy
Tibor may change this Privacy and Data Policy from time to time, and if it does so it will post any changes on this page. If you use the Services or deal with Tibor after those changes are in effect, you will be deemed to have agreed to and accepted the revised policy.
E4       More questions?
Please also feel free to contact Tibor if you have any questions about this Privacy & Data Policy or the company’s associated practices.
Senior Data Officer
Sam Reich